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Our Program

Our program starts with a comprehensive history and physical performed by one of our physicians.

Based on your health and goals, you will work with our team to customize your program from several program choices.

Phase-1; Your individual comprehensive health maintenance program will include a diet for life (not a simple fad diet), an exercise program for life, weekly injections, medications when appropriate and a follow up visit schedule. 

Phase-2; When you reach your goal you will transition to our phase-2 maintenance program.  This is a unique program to help you stay on track for life.

Phase-3; Once you have been in the program we will be here to help in the future should you need support, guidance or a jump start!


Weight Loss for Life!!!!

Healthy Eating

Tried diets in the past but can’t keep the weight off?  We start off with the end in sight.  Maintenance is part of our weekly program and the education starts during your first visit!

Most diets start and stop. We all know that a permanent lifestyle change is the only way patients will see maximum and lasting results. We will show you how to achieve balance that results in weight loss that can last a lifetime.

You will receive a weekly multi complex injection, a detailed diet and exercise program.  In addition our weekly counseling and support will keep you balanced and on track.  We also provide a detailed maintenance program to keep you eating and exercising for life.

This is not a diet. You can’t be on a diet the rest of your life. Our program is a program for LIFE and it can change your LIFE as it has for so many!!    


PCA offers several prescription medications to help with appetite suppression and hunger cravings. 

We have done an exhaustive search to find the best medications possible.  Only medications which are shown through scientific evidence to be affective are prescribed.  Your health status, age and current medications are all taken into consideration before prescription medications are provided.